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Junior One Curriculum

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Peter's Class Adventure Lesson

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Peter's Class travel Brochure, May 2015

Nela's Class Adventure (Oral Test)

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Adventure Activity: plan a seven-day trip

Create a week long itinerary of an ideal trip. Then, you are going to describe your trip to the class. You can choose a place / places where you want to go, length of time, budgets, transportation you are going to use, etc.

With a partner, write a conversation. One person will be a travel agent, the other will be the customer who wants to travel. Use your brochure to explain the trip to the customer. Look at the example that the teacher has, and watch the video.

The itinerary should be a round trip for one week and no more than one week. After the lesson, you will find an exercise and chart to help you make your itinerary. Have fun on the project!

                       Junior Ones Travel Brochure

Junior One Travel Brochure May 2015

2015 J1 Syllabus

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