English Conversation Team: Nela LinJojoh LepatanJoy Jiang,  Jennifer San, Andy Lin, Sophia Lin

Vision - Mission

    Sheng Kung Girls' High School offers English Conversation classes to all its students. It aims to enhance students' English speaking ability. It is a venue where students increase their English understanding through comprehensive input. The English Conversation classes expect students to become confident, knowledgeable, self-reliant and motivated. 

    It is a time for enabling students to express themselves in a language different from their own. It allows and encourages students to be creative, spontaneous and more fluent in their spoken English. It is where they refine the language they have learned in their English grammar classes.

   English Conversation Classes are taught by qualified and excellent local and foreign teachers. The team teaching enables the students to listen to a different variety of English accents and thus broaden their knowledge of the English language. the teachers use a variety of teaching styles and methods to build students' confidence and encourage their continuous experimentation with English conversation.