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My name is Nela. I spent all of my childhood and adulthood in Quito, Ecuador. In that country, I had many experiences that exposed me to many minority groups such as Indians, Mestizos, Mulatos and Whites (European descendants). Each of these diverse groups have made me see their uniqueness and their differences in thinking.  

      During my childhood, my parents had to work really hard to give us shelter and education. My parents were always working and could not stay at home and spend time with us. Due to this situation, I became more independent and developed a closer relationship with my siblings. 

      After graduating from high school, I moved back to Taiwan. In Taiwan, I worked closely with children of diverse age groups. I taught them Spanish as a second language. During that experience, I learned  a lot about teaching and started developing knowledge and skills. After four years of learning and training with professional teachers in the United States of America, education has become an integral part of my life. I have taught elementary children and high school students Spanish, ESL (English as a Second Language) as well as Mandarin Chinese. 

      I earned my graduate degree at an American university (SCSU). When I was a graduate student, I had job opportunities to teach ESL as well as Spanish, not only at the college level but also at high school and elementary school level in MN, USA. Each of these experiences has been an important part of my life because they have allowed me to touch people's lives. I want to teach so I can continue helping people. As a ESL and Spanish teacher, I look forward to help my students grow and develop, not just in their language skills but also as individual who will be able to male good decisions and productive workers in the future. 

J1E 2018

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Teaching is hard. It takes a lot of skills and preparations to do it. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. Remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world and change people’s lives. I am so grateful to have J1E and enjoy teaching them in my class. Thanks for your lovely card.


2018 J1A

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This is my new J1A at Sheng Kung Girls' High School (SKGSH). They are eager to work hard and they are looking forward to learn English in English Conversation Class. 


2018 S1 Stump Speech

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 S1A Stump Speech    S1B Stump Speech   S1C Stump Speech
 S1D Stump Speech S1E Stump Speech    S1F Stump Speech

S1 Stump Speech Videos        

S1A Stump Speech Video 

YouTube Video


 S1B Stump Speech Video

YouTube Video


S1C Stump Speech Video

YouTube Video


 S1D Stump Speech Video

YouTube 影片


 S1E Stump Speech Video

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S1F Stump Speech Video

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Create an APP

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With a partner, you will need to work on creating an APP. Discuss your ideas with your partner and write down ideas that you are going to present in front of the class. Remember, every APP has an icon, you will need to draw a picture for your icon with colors for your APP. Once everything is done, you will need to make a page PPT and present for your whole class. 

Here is an example



YouTube Video

This sample video and icon of APP lesson is made by J1E 33  34  40


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For this lesson, you will make 30 to 90 second TV ad. Your ad should be focus on only part of the issue and most importantly it should be convincing. After people watch your video, they should want to vote the way you say. 

Tips for making an effective referendum ad:
  • Show a problem and demonstrate how a Yes / No vote will fix the problem
  • Demonstrate the consequences of a "wrong" vote
  • Show how everything is fine now, so no change is necessary
  • Show how wonderful things will be with a Yes / No vote

  • Brainstorm ideas for your ad
  • Make a storyboard for your ad
  • Ready to perform in class

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

A World of Adventures

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Goals for this lesson: 
Speaking: Asking customers for what they want. Presenting an itinerary for a holiday adventure trip. finally asking a travel agent for information.
Listening: Listening and responding to a travel agent. Listen to your customers for their interests, and requests
Reading: Reading research information online or from the teacher. It is important to do reading a brochure, reading instructions. 
Writing: Write a travel itinerary and make a brochure.
Script writing: write a dialogue between agent and her customers. 

Criteria for the oral test:
1. Get together with your partner (2-3)
2. One person should have at least 10 sentences, one minute each.
3. Use at least 5 to 10 words form the lesson.
4. Choose at least one or two countries you are going to offer in your itinerary.

Here is sample video of the oral test

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

In a Restaurant

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Do you know how to order food in a second language?
Are your afraid of going to another country and order food at the restaurant?

Junior one students from A class are here to show you
Please enjoy the video

YouTube Video

How to Improve your English?

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How to improve your English?
Robert Shiau will give you some advice

YouTube Video

LA California

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LA California is one of the largest cities in the US filled with the world most famous landmarks and attractions. If you look closer, there are hidden precious stones throughout the city waiting for you to be discovered. Do you know anything more about LA California? Do you want to know it’s u inquest culture? Robert Shiau has a special presentation for you about LA

YouTube Video

Introducing Australia

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Melbourne is Australia's heart for its coffee and live music. Do you know anything about Melbourne? Do you know Melbourne has the best sweet treats? Do you know any Melbourne slang? Do you know the weather in Melbourne? If you do not know anything about this unique city, come and learn with Matt Keys, the authentic Melbournian.

YouTube Video

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