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Aboriginal Voices in the Classsroom

張貼者:2020年12月10日 下午6:16Nela Lin
We Need to Listen to Aboriginal Voices

Sheng Kung is a catholic school, through this lesson, I want to use a holistic approach that honors traditional culture and aboriginal values to our S1 students in the classroom. In other words, I want to show them authentic "first people" into S1 curriculum. 

I want each students will able to do research and see what kinds of crisis that Taiwanese aboriginal tribes are facing. They should know aboriginals' ways of being, knowing, speaking and sharing were systematically erased in the society. 

More than that, I want each of my students will bring aboriginal voices back to the classroom, everyone will listen to each other's speech and each of them should come up with a solution to the problem.

Here are the videos 

YouTube 影片

YouTube 影片