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Adventure Oral

張貼者:2016年5月19日 凌晨12:59Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2016年5月19日 凌晨1:06 ]
After students have created their travel brochure, now it is time for them to introduce their brochures to the customers.

Lesson Criteria:
1.Get together with your partner (2 to 3)
2.One person should have at least 10 sentences, one minute each person.
3.Use at least 5 to 10 new words from the lesson.
4.Choose at least one or two countries you are going to offer in your itinerary.
5. Use vocabularies of transportation and  lodging from the "Adventure lesson" .
    Transportation: taxi, cable car, train, subway line, underground, hot air balloon, blimp, cruise,      
     helicopter, RV, jet 
ski, in line skates, motorcycle, scooter, kayak, sailboat, skateboard, airplane,    
     ship, convertible...

     Lodging: guest house, campsite, hostel, hotel, motel, homestay, dormitory...

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