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A World of Adventures

張貼者:2018年5月28日 晚上7:15Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2018年6月13日 晚上10:27 ]
Goals for this lesson: 
Speaking: Asking customers for what they want. Presenting an itinerary for a holiday adventure trip. finally asking a travel agent for information.
Listening: Listening and responding to a travel agent. Listen to your customers for their interests, and requests
Reading: Reading research information online or from the teacher. It is important to do reading a brochure, reading instructions. 
Writing: Write a travel itinerary and make a brochure.
Script writing: write a dialogue between agent and her customers. 

Criteria for the oral test:
1. Get together with your partner (2-3)
2. One person should have at least 10 sentences, one minute each.
3. Use at least 5 to 10 words form the lesson.
4. Choose at least one or two countries you are going to offer in your itinerary.

Here is sample video of the oral test

YouTube Video

YouTube Video