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Junior Three Self - Introduction

張貼者:2016年4月5日 晚上9:37Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2016年4月5日 晚上11:22 ]
In Nela's English Conversation Class is not just practicing the listening test for the National Exam but also speaking plays an important role in the class. Self introduction in any language is very important. A self introduction is often called for a first meeting of a group. It could be meeting people for the first time, job interview, the start of the new semester, and more...The main point of a self introduction is to call strangers' attention. It is one way to start the conversation. Because of different reasons, I want my students to be familiar and know their self introduction. 

Writing: This is the first step of self introduction. 

Please write a self-introduction introducing yourself in two minutes.

You can write 1. Wishes 2. Purpose 3. Name 4. Parents’ names 5. Family 6. Professions 7. Location 8. Hobbies / habits 9. Aim in life or life goals 10. Achievements 11. Favorite persons or ideal persons 12. Favorite movies, things, colors, places, etc. 13. Your strengths and weaknesses 14. People you like and dislike 15. Any turning point in your school life which changed you 16. What are you good at or how are you different from others? 17. Conclusion 18. Thank you (Ending).

The worksheet is created by Nela Lin. Here is what they have written in class. 

Self Introductions

Once the first step is finished, and corrected,  the second step is to film self introduction.