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Movie Monologue

張貼者:2017年11月15日 凌晨1:05Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2017年11月15日 凌晨1:11 ]

In this activity, you will deliver a monologue. What is a monologue? A monologue is a short speech made by one person. After watching all monologues from a movie, each of you will pick up a monologue you like. Each of you  will practice saying this monologue out loud, but remember, you need to add feeling, tone, and emotion, while making sure to enunciate well. You won’t have to memorize the monologue, but you will need to be familiar with it. Each of you will deliver the  monologue individually for your audience. This will be your oral test grade.

Best S1 Monologue of 2017