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Referendum Voting

張貼者:2020年5月24日 下午5:54Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2020年5月25日 凌晨12:01 ]
Sk S1 English Class called, "Embrace the World from Local to Global" did a "Referendum" lesson. Today, it is our voting day!

The referendum lesson is about current issues in South American countries. The main goal of referendum lesson is to educate students about elections, from gaining an appreciation of the power of voting at the same time, knowing issues in different Latin American countries. 

More than that, students will understand what is involved in the registration and voting process and they will learn how to deliver campaign speech and how the speech can actually convince people to vote. 

Thank you SK library for helping us to settle for our referendum lesson.


Here is the video of our referendum lesson-Voting Day!

YouTube Video