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S1 2017 Interview

張貼者:2017年12月26日 下午6:02Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2018年1月16日 晚上9:10 ]
What is an interview?
An interview is a person who can ask the question and the other person will give the answer to that particular question. 

The word interview comes from Latin and middle French words meaning to “see between” or “see

each other”. Generally, interview means a private meeting between people when questions are asked

 and answered. 

What does a TV reporters do?
TV reporters are responsible on reporting the news to the viewers. Their main focus is on the news event by telling stories on TV. 

Students' Task
1. Work in groups of 2-3. Your work should divide:  reporter,  camera,  writes questions. Every 
     member should conduct interview outside of school in a quiet place.
2. The interview must be 3-4 minutes long, all in English
3. It is outside of school interviews
4. You MAY NOT interview a teacher or anyone else working at SK
5. You MAY NOT interview any student at SK
6. At least, the interviewer and interviewee should be on camera (don't move your camera)
7. You can be standing or sitting for the interview
8. You can edit the video (remember write your class and numbers)
9. The interview (questions and answers) must be all in English
10. You need to give your final interview video to your teacher

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