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張貼者:2018年1月17日 下午6:25Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2018年1月17日 晚上11:55 ]

This is the final Oral test for J2

It is hard to write or create stories in a second language, even write it out and express clearly to the audience is harder. A good story encourages the audience to turn the page and read more. In our book "Breakthough Plus" lesson 5 is about "Telling a story". While the audience is reading the story, we want to find out what happens next and what the main characters do and what they say to each other. During the reading, we may feel excited, happy sad, or angry. 

This lesson is a good connection with iEARN project (Our storybook), students have to create a story and tell their stories to the audience. J2 A, B and C classes are very innovative, creative, they can write astonishing stories. Matt enjoys listening to their stories, Nela and Yvette are pleased with J2s.

Students gave me permission to post their photos and videos. 

Please enjoy watching the videos below

J2 Storybook