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Tainan Cuisine

張貼者:2020年12月10日 下午5:49Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2020年12月10日 下午6:44 ]
J1 Restaurant lesson, students are unfamiliar using English in different contents: 1. how to get the right table, 2. how to order drinks, 3. how to order food and 4. how to pay the bill. Through this lesson, students are role playing the waiter and waitress at the restaurant in the classroom. We want them to have a wonderful experience in any English-speaking country when they are having food.
How to get the right table?
1. how many people are in your party?
2. we'd like a table for 5, please

Q1. "party" means "group" not 'celebration'. Make sure students will understand.

For food, students need to make props

How to order drinks?
W: Would you like to start with a drink?
C: Yes, we'd like coke while we decide on our food

How to order food?
W: are you ready to order? or Can i take your order?
C: I'd like ...
C: What do you recommend? 
C: What are the specialties?
C: What are today's specials?

W: How's the food?
W: How's your wine?

How to pay the bill? 
1. Can we have the bill, please
2. Check, please


Here is the video

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