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Teach the Teacher

張貼者:2016年4月6日 凌晨1:14Nela Lin   [ 已更新 2016年4月6日 晚上8:43 ]
The first lesson in a second semester for Senior one is "Teach the Teacher." I
n this lesson, students need to create a lesson from what they have known or from their previous experiences. 

Have you ever disagreed with your teacher or thought you could do it better? Now is your chance to be the teacher!! You will get together in a small group and create a 5 minute lesson for the class. You can choose any topic that you want, but it should be something that you
know a lot about or is important to you and will be interesting and entertaining for the class.

You can teach us about something (by using a ppt, for example) or you can teach us how to do something by demonstrating it live. At the end of your lesson, you will also make a short quiz to see if your class was paying attention. You should have about 3-5 questions in your quiz.

Remember to bring treats for correct answers! During your lesson, speak loudly and clearly, capture your students’ attention with an interesting opening, and use lots of pictures and images to engage them. This lesson will be your oral test grade.

Follow the following steps and you can get high grades. 

1) Create an outline
2) Create a ppt presentation or bring props
3) Make a 3-5 question quiz
4) Deliver your lesson (about 5 minutes long)

S1 Teach the Teacher's Worksheet