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Telling a Story: Reader's Theatre

This is Junior 2, second oral test

Also the lesson is based on Breakthrough plus 2,  units 3 and 4 Language in action p. 34 Listening and p. 35 Reading 

Materials: A4 x 3 white paper

Student will get into groups 2 or 3. From the original fairy tale story, students can retell or they can make stories on their own.
Illustrations can be simple, pictures must be in color. Please give the teacher your final version of the story, the story should be corrected by the teacher before students make the final product. 
The story book should have cover page, body of the story and the end cover page.  
The whole story should be in past tense, for example: (Once upon a time, there was a little prince named Kevin...).
After they finish with the story book, they will read their story aloud and record into mp3. Teacher will take pictures of students' story book and make the story into the video. 

J2 Story Book 2016