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View of the World

張貼者:2021年9月12日 晚上8:08Nela Lin
Junior two this year are learning "Living, Learning & Loving our World" around us. After learning Taiwan, we will now discover and learn about the world. On L1, they have to write something about Taiwan.

Here are the following writing from J2D students introducing their hometown Tainan or country Taiwan. 

I live in Taiwan. People in here are happy. On weekends, I see a lot of tourists can visit the old buildings. When I got bored, I can go around my city and I can enjoy seeing antique buildings and enjoying the history of it. I consider myself, I am really on top of the world.   By Angel

I live in Taiwan. People here speak Taiwanese. There are many beautiful views such as antique building, nature and museums. The capital city is Taipei, there are many yummy food in Taiwan, a lot of tourists will enjoy it!     By Chloe Chen

The capital city is Taipei, there are many delicious food, also, it has a lot of traditional buildings, my city is Tainan, it is well known for its food and history.  By Fiona Hsu

I live in Taiwan, people here speak Chinese. There are a lot of delicious food. The capital is Taipei, Taipei 101 is a famous green building in the world.   By Judy Huang

I live in Taiwan, a little island next to China, we speak Chinese and Taiwanese and we like our own traditional food, in Chinese we say (xiaozi). My city is well known for its custom and tradition. My country Taiwan is also well known for its antiques, history and food. Come and visit us!