Welcome to Yvette's Class

Hello, everyone. I am Yvette.

          It has been two years since I become an English teacher. During the past two years, I have worked hard on learning how to teach and on guiding students to become people with love and warmth. I am still working on it and I know I can make it because I am always willing to change and take risks. As an English teacher, I know English sometimes can be difficult and even boring, but I will do my best to make it as enjoyable as possible!

My Family

張貼者:2017年11月16日 上午1:09Nela Lin

This is Junior one (7th grade) first oral test. Each students need to tell or introduce their family and what do they like to do.  For this activity, they need to bring their family picture. Each student should speak for about 1 minute. 

J1 Yvette's class 2017

Worksheet for J1 : Giving directions.

張貼者:2017年10月3日 下午9:15Yvette Huang

Worksheet for J1 : Giving directions. 

The worksheet is designed in the form of information gap. In this activity, there are some missing information and students need to complete the task by talking to their partners. 

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